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Transfer of Car

1- The car should be no more than 5 years old.
2- If you have owned the car for more than one year, please provide the following documents: The title of ownership of the car. Original Invoice (Bill of Sale) showing that the car is paid in full. Self-addressed stamped, Xpresspost, envelope with phone number (to send you back the original documents).
By mail: Money order payable to the Embassy of Lebanon. * One additional photocopy of all of the above mentioned documents is required.

Transfer of  Body

The Death Certificate issued by the Local Authorities and legalized by the State Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.
Passport of deceased & Lebanese I.D. (I.D. Card or Individual Civil Registry Record / “Ikhraj Kayd Fardy”).
Attestation of non-contagious diseases issued by the authorized Local Health Authorities (Public Health Medical Officer/ Disease Control). 
In case of accident or suspicious circumstances, an additional attestation from the Coroner Office as to the cause of death.
Embalming Certificate.
Burial Transit Permit issued by the Local Authorities.
Letter of sealed casket.

No fee is required.

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